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        iamcaliforniadreaming said: Omg thank you for posting this stuff "actually I miss the old has fandom...." - I totally feel you. I love AHS so much, I cry every time when the season ends. It's so hard for me to even wait until the next season is online. omfg. I'm so happy that there are ppl outside who ACTUALLY love AHS! Omfg please be friends ? xxx

sorry for late answer I didn’t see your question xx and of course we can be friends. let’s start from here I’m canset and….you ?

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        daisy-chains-and-peace-signs said: I like your blog! :) Whats your favorite American horror story seaaon?

thank you so much you made my day and my favorite season is
absolutely season 2

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and this is Tate putting on his cute puppy face to go to Violet, after having sex with her mom

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he looks so..uhm…nerd

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        Anonim said: Oha oha cok begendim blogu cok

teşekkürler :3

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aww my baby


new american horror story fan: I love evan peters

me: no u don’t

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bende siz atarlı veledler postumu rebloglayınca sinir oluyom ama bişi diyommu ?

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Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

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Woohoo! Super selfie 2014 Osca—- BENEDICT WHY

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